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Gold Des Plaines


Gold Never Gets Old! Whether it is for a future investment for yourself, or whether you are looking to unload gold you have invested in over time Alexander Coin and Pawn is your number one choice in the Chicago-land location to find and sell gold!

We are looking for anything gold! We will give you fair market price for your gold items today! We are looking for jewelry, bars, coins, and even individual pieces that might be made of gold. Please come in to day and let us see what you have.

We even would like to see your tarnished or broken items as well for gold restoration services



Gold is not the only valuable that we can take or sell to you. Silver pieces are just as good. Give us a chance to come back and give you the best silver prices and value in the Chicago-land area.

Alexander Coin and Pawn has the best silver services and we are always looking for more! Don’t worry if it is tarnished or broken we want to take a look at it. If you have anything that is silver whether it is a coin, jewelry, stainless, or watches we want to take a look at it and will give you the best offer in the area!

All loans, at minimum, are typically 30 days in length; loans may be renewed indefinitely. The maximum APR on any loan is 240%. As the loan term increases, the APR will typically decrease. For example, a loan of $50 which is redeemed within 30 days will have a repayment amount of $60; $50 loan plus $10 in lending fees.

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Store Location

650 Graceland Ave

Des Plaines, Illinois

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