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Pawn Services Des Plaines


Pawning is simply temporarily selling your item to a store to get immediate cash and then paying off that cash at a later date to get your item back. It’s that simple!

How Much Cash Can I Get?

Your item is evaluated at a market cost of what the item is worth. When someone pawns an item but cannot pay back the amount given to them from the item after a certain amount of time, we can then sell the item in the store to recuperate that cost that we have given out.

You can also sell your items directly to our store


Items We Are Looking For:

All loans, at minimum, are typically 30 days in length; loans may be renewed indefinitely. The maximum APR on any loan is 240%. As the loan term increases, the APR will typically decrease. For example, a loan of $50 which is redeemed within 30 days will have a repayment amount of $60; $50 loan plus $10 in lending fees.

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Store Location

650 Graceland Ave

Des Plaines, Illinois

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